Jobs in your garden – July - Jobs for the month -


Prune cherry trees

Cherry trees and plum trees are best pruned at this time of the year, after they have finished fruiting. Pruning these trees in summer instead of in winter will prevent them getting silver leaf disease or bacterial canker.


Keep deadheading flowering perennials and bedding plants to encourage more flowers to develop. Bedding plants and perennials may benefit from cutting back of tired looking growth to encourage a new flush of fresh foliage and flowers. Hardy geraniums and delphiniums definitely benefit from this treatment. Feed plants in pots and hanging baskets to prolong flowering displays.


July can be one of the warmest months of the year. In dry periods, ensure plants are watered sufficiently, keep an especially close eye on plants in pots. Keeping plants susceptible to powdery mildew, such as roses and honeysuckles, well watered helps to keep the plants free of mildew. Regularly water fruit and vegetables for a better crop production.

Pests, diseases and weeds

Check your plants forLilium regale Album pests and nip problems in the bud. Remove and dispose of bugs like lily beetles and vine weevils and their larvae. Vine weevils are often a problem for pot plants, use vine weevil killer or nematodes stop them in their tracks. Greenfly and blackfly like young shoots of perennials and vegetables. Remove any you can see. Spraying with an insecticide may be necessary for larger infestations.

Fruit and vegetables

Harvest ripe fruit and vegetables regularly to encourage more fruits to form. Keep feeding tomatoes and other fruiting crops with tomato food to keep the fruits coming. Carrots, lettuces, spring ripening cabbages and spinach are some of the vegetables that can be sown this month.


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