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No perennial border should be complete without the bright splashes of colour that a clump of Echinacea will bring. With flower colours from the old favourite pink of Echinacea ‘Magnus’ to the fantastic bright yellow of ‘Maui Sunshine’. Not only are they colourful they are a magnet to bees and butterflies.

One of my favourite’s is Echinacea ‘Summer Cocktail’, the flowers start out in shades of soft orange and yellow and as they age turn into a rich salmon pink offering many different coloured flowers on one plant.

All Echinacea like a nice rich soil with good drainage to prevent the roots rotting, add plenty of good garden compost when you plant as this will open up the soil making it drain more freely and it will also add plenty of nutrients to the soil, if the soil is generally quite poor, a mulch of compost in spring will help.

Even if you have no space for them in the border they also make great specimen in pots, as it is a perennial plant it is best to use a compost which is soil based so John Innes No.3 or a multipurpose with added John Innes.

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